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Care is currently provided by telepsychiatry. To simplify your treatment, your prescriptions and laboratory orders may be sent electronically, thereby reducing pharmacy visits and the need to keep track of paperwork.  Dr. Sanders collaborates with practices that have advanced psychotherapy specializations.  This allows you to efficiently integrate the services you receive at Magnolia Med Management with other mental health services if needed.

Accessibility, Comfort and Efficiency

Initial Evaluation

 Your first visit will include a comprehensive evaluation where there will be time to get to know you and understand your specific concerns. A review of your past psychiatric history, medical, family and social history will be completed. With your consent, family or other healthcare providers may be contacted to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care. This detailed evaluation will result in a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.  


Medication management

 If medications are indicated, follow up appointments will be needed to monitor treatment. The length and frequency of these appointments will vary depending on your response to medication. Labs may be needed prior to starting medication and during medication delivery to promote treatment safety. 


Added Benefits

Patients may also benefit from these included services.


In your sessions, Dr. Sanders will carefully explain illness and its recommended treatments. In addition, he will help you to form strategies for minimizing negative impacts.  He will help you to develop skills for coping with illness and identifying resources to strengthen your treatment plan.This session may be open to you, your loved ones or care givers. 


The focus of this practice is psychiatric medication management, but Dr Sanders recognizes the importance of psychotherapy to a treatment plan.  He can provide you with supportive listening and guidance and can provide referrals for specialized psychotherapy resources as needed.


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